Portland Permaculture Visioning Summit
June 4-6, 2011 

Permaculture Visioning Summit, Portland Oregon, June 2011




Bill Aal

Bill Aal is Co-Chair of AGRA Watch, and a co-founder of CAGJ. He is deeply involved in social and environmental justice work with a particular focus on agricultural sustainability and social healing. He joined forces with Margo Adair as co-director of Tools for Change whose mission is: “To bring History, Heart Spirit, Vision and Values into the Center of Public Life.” Versed in opening the imagination, awakening people’s best thinking and inspiring group transformation, Aal works with group reflection to unleash collective genius in organizational settings. He has consulted with a wide variety of social and environmental groups in Washington and around the US. He is a part of the Transition  US trainers network, and Great Turning Northwest, both of which aim to help communities face the multiple crises of our times with optimism as well as realism. Bill was an active board member of the Washington State Sustainable Food and Farming Network for ten years and was a board member of the Western Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. He is co-founder of Riseup.net which builds computer-based communications networks for activists.



Hannah Apricot

Hannah Apricot Eckberg

Hannah Apricot Eckberg has studied and implemented sustainable ways of living most of her life. Her company, Spreading Solutions, uses various forms of media to educate and inspire others about how they can be part of the solutions available today. She teaches about AquaPonics, and current projects include a movie about the Village Building Convergence, starting a project with Permaculture in South Africa, and a comic book that teaches about sustainable ways to live.



 Marisha Aurbach

Marisha Auerbach has been practicing, studying, and teaching permaculture in the Pacific Northwest for over the past decade. Her vast practical experience has been gained while living in both rural and urban locations in Cascadia. She is involved with many communities around Cascadia including Lost Valley Education Center, Tryon Life Community Farm,  Fertile Ground Community Center, and City Repair.

Marisha is committed to sharing her passions for food security, permaculture, ecology, and positive futures. She has offered permaculture work from the forests of Vietnam to the Rocky Mountains of the United States to the stressed conditions of Haiti.  She specializes in useful plants, seedsaving, and food security.  She holds an advanced certificates in Permaculture Aid Work and Keyline Planning.

Marisha graduated from the Evergreen State College in 1998 where she focused on ethnobotany, ecological agriculture, and sustainability studies. She continues to interact with students from the Evergreen State College by offering internships.   Marisha currently resides in Portland, OR

Herb’n Wisdom

Queen Bee Flower Essences



Leonard Barrett

Leonard Barrett is a permaculture designer, land planning consultant, and teacher based in Portland, Oregon.  His design firm, Barrett Ecological (www.barrettecological.com), provides design and planning services to a wide array of residential, commercial, and community/institutional projects, ranging from small urban lots to many-thousand acre rural properties.  Leonard teaches at colleges and universities throughout the northwest, and guests lectures at many permaculture and and ecological design courses.  His design work is featured in the best selling permaculture book Gaia’s Garden: A Homescale Guide to Permaculture by Toby Hemenway.

Brenna Bell


Brenna Bell

Brenna Bell brings to her work a lifetime of passion for the Pacific Northwest, twelve years of organizing experience, and an extensive background in environmental law and education. For most of the last 18 years, she has been based in the Tryon Creek watershed of Portland, OR: first as a student at Lewis & Clark College, where she self-designed a major in Social Ecology; then as a student at Lewis & Clark Law School, where she learned to fight environmental destruction with empire’s tools, and finally as a resident and core organizer with Tryon Life Community Farm, a community sustainability education center.

Brenna has worked with numerous grassroots environmental non-profits, including the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center, Willamette Riverkeeper, and Bark. She is also blessed to be raising her children, Ember & Raven, in in Cedar Moon, the strong and supportive intentional community at TLC Farm.

 John Brush

Brush is a network weaver for the Great Turning, with 15 years of experience articulating relations between direct action forest defense, union organizing, earth-based spirituality, postpostmodern political anthropology, web 2.0 tech design, green bloc permaculture, international grassroots movement solidarity, global justice convergence coordination, intentional communities, earth culture emergence, and more.  For the last seven years, he has been rooted in Portland growing a radical land project, TLC Farm, for which he has been legal and financial coordinator.  At the same time, he co-founded ReCode (grassroots movement-building to legalize sustainability), A Circle Group (a collective weaving therapy and group process into the culture of direct action), Free Activist Witchcamp (a 100+ annual gathering for spirited revolution), and more. He is also an experienced consultant, trainer, and facilitator for groups, with an active approach rooted in attention to the ongoing patterns and relationships that grow consensus into living reality rather than formal procedure.  He is currently re-engaging his ongoing work to conjure the emergence in Portland of cooperative political economies, broad and robust enough to grow exponentially and meet urgent needs during times of crisis.


 Sebastian Collet

Sebastian Collet

Sebastian grew up in the Bay area and now is a green architect and permaculture designer in Portland OR. He works with City Repair to help improve community life and empowerment in Portland. He oversees the Placemaking projects for the Village Building Convergence and has designed and built numerous natural building projects in Portland and around the world. He has diverse skills and is always persuing projects that serve the community as well as the planet.
Website: www.sebastiancollet.com <http://www.sebastiancollet.com>

Rain Crowe

Rain Crowe

rain crowe is a social-cultural artist dedicated to serving the descendants of Life by supporting a spectrum of communities in growing their resilience, imagination and intimacy. She is a web-weaver, walks-between, and edge-tender who is continually collaborating in the growing of an emerging culture rooted in the re-membered, regenerative, relational practices of the ancestors. She is an experienced educator, facilitator and priestess of earth-based spirituality who has over twenty years of activist experiences such as local community organizing, post-Katrina relief work, global justice direct action, organizing and teaching at Free Cascadia Witch Camp and co-teaching at the Earth Activist Training. Currently she lives at a radical land project in Portland, Oregon,where she works and plays as a strategic visionary focused on decolonizing/rewilding work, teaches classes and keeps temple in the woods behind her home.

She can be reached at raincrowe@riseup.net  or http://callingmyselfhome.weebly.com/index.html (in progress)

Helen Hill

Helen Hill is a painter, teacher, doula and performance theater storyteller.  She has hosted permaculture design courses and other events over the last couple of decades at her ramblin, anything goes family farm, Neahkahnie Gardens, on the Oregon Coast (http://www.facebook.com/people/Neahkahnie-Gardens/100000691573120).

She has been a presenter/performer for the Village Building Convergence the last 7 years, incorporating stories of gentrification, Big Pharma, two headed frogs, ants and the Aurora Borealis.

She is one of the original founders and developers of Bay City Arts Center.(www.baycityartscenter.org)

 Mark Lakeman

Sunnyside Piazza, a project of City Repair.

Mark is a national leader in the development of sustainable public places.  In the last decade he has directed or facilitated designs for more than three hundred new community-generated public places in Portland, Oregon alone.  Through his leadership in Communitecture, Inc, and its 501c3 affiliate The City Repair Project, he has also been instrumental in the development of dozens of participatory design projects and organizations across the United States and Canada.  Mark works with governmental leaders, community organizations and educational institutions in many diverse communities.  He has also been instrumental in the development of dozens of participatory design projects and organizations across the United States and Canada.  Mark works with governmental leaders, community organizations and educational institutions in many diverse communities.




 Rose Madrone

Rose has been working with and teaching about herbs and the world of plants for over 25 years. She is passionately committed to living life with sustainability as the main focus, and all of her teaching through botany, herbs, and permaculture boils down to supporting others in making informed and life enhancing choices, and seeing their essential role in the web we call life.

Rose was the founder of Mountain Rose Herbs and she is currently working on her own documentary on Interdependence and Connectivity, showing how that resounds throughout our lives.

You can find her at www.connectivityproject.org

 Mike “mighk” Simpson

For most of the last seven years, I have found home on the islands in the Salish Seas. Only upon moving to this bioregion did i become aware that the land speaks and sings! Surrounded by ocean on one side and rainforest on the other, I began listening.  I listened to the whispering wisdom of the Grandfather Firs, and the Grandmother Cedars, and the Salmon spirits,and the Mushrooms, and the Camas, and Wolves, and the Owls, and the call

of the Varied Thrush, and the garden weeds, and even the Newts. And I have been blessed with many wonderful human teachers too, who have passed on the wisdom of permaculture – the lost patterns of the ancestral village. Now, I am a member of the Planet Repair Institute, and it is here that I apply these teachings with all my creativity and passion amongst such beautiful friends – each day taking small steps to reclaim the village pattern language from the colonial landscape. planetrepair.wordpress.com mighkrophone.wordpress.com

 Sara Tone

From the Heart of Cascadia ( Aka. the Pacific North West) SaraTone & the Earth Tribe Gospel are offering up the music of and for the land. Salmon Nation, Mountain Streams, Rivers and Creeks back to the Ocean, Back to the Sea….This is Musical Medicine for the People. To Inspire and Unite, Unity through Sound CommUnity through Music….Exploring the Realms of Deep Roots, Gospel~Kirtan, Acoustic Mystical Soul Dub with some deep Rainbow Inspiration…Music to Sing, to Dance, to Laugh and to Cry…..May this Music Stream in Peace, Songs of Blessings & Thanks, Healing and Remembrance.

This Powerful Music has been involved in Sacred Arts and Sustainability events through out the NW, West Coast and Hawaii…

Events Include; Beloved Sacred Arts Festival 2008-2011, Mystic Garden Party/Gathering 2009-2011, Mystic Island Fest 2011, Raw Spirit Maui 2011, Earth Day PDX 2006-2011, Village Building Convergence PDX 2007-2011, Bloom @ TLC Farm PDX 2008-2011

May this Music Stream in Peace, Songs of Blessings & Thanks, Healing and Remembrance.

BIO REGIONS~BIO CULTURE!!! Know your Watershed….

Life on earth, give thanks each breath

<http://goog_721049191> saratonehome.org <http://saratonehome.org>   ~ peacefully streaming music

Facebook-  <http://goog_1517812922>  SaraTone & the Earth Tribe Gospel <http://www.facebook.com/pages/SaraTone-the-Earth-Tribe-Gospel/264782283425?ref=ts>


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