The Permaculture Visioning Summits

Our first Permaculture Visioning Summit in San Francisco

The Fifth Sacred Thing production has already held two permaculture visioning summits and a social permaculture meeting, to bring together some of the amazing, creative minds working in the field of regenerative design and related arts.  The first took place on April 13, 2011 at Starhawk’s home in San Francisco.  The  social permaculture meeting took place on June 2, 2011 and the second summit was on June 4, both in connection with the Village Building Convergence in Portland, Oregon.  As the project goes forward, we intend to have more of these gatherings, in effect creating a broad permaculture design for 21st century San Francisco.


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  1. I would LOVE to lend a hand. May I offer a photo shoot to add to your package? I would be happy to cast, costume, location hunt and photograph a few characters from the book. I am a fan and a friend. Paradox is one of my dearest. And the book has informed us all, with deep resonance, certain that we will be living on that hill one day, with all our husbands and wives, fresh water, and worldly ways well in place.
    Hilary Nichols,

  2. Good luck with your project, and please let me know if I can help in any way!

    I’m a freelance computer tech in NYC. I call myself a Techno-Taoist, and am most concerned with keeping human beings from destroying the Earth, due to their greed, arrogance, and short-sightedness. I can’t say stupidity, because often very intelligent people act in very destructive ways…

    My political perspective is closest to that of the Deep Green Resistance movement.

    Prior to computers, I was an audio engineer for decades, and have done sound for film, along with sound for anything else you can think of. If I can help you with any aspect of sound or production for your film, I’d be happy to do so.

    I’d also be happy to appear in it, but am not an actor, and don’t crave publicity or ‘fame’ – not my cup of tea. You might be able to use an interview with me on integrating technology into a sustainable lifestyle.

    If it’s helpful, I’m a skilled technical writer/editor – you can see excerpts from a book I wrote on wiring audio recording studios at the link below.

    Also wrote a kid’s book – “The Princess & The Troll” – excerpts from it are on my website –, along with a lot more info about me. Still more on my somewhat neglected blog –

    One way I might be useful to you is by rejuvenating old computers to make them run amazingly fast! I replace Windows with a different operating system – Puppy Linux. It’s free, legal, and more resistant to virus/spyware attacks than Windows or Macintosh. You can find out more about Puppy Linux at the home website –

    You can also download *.iso files from the Puppy website to make CDs that will either run Puppy directly from the CD, or install to a computer’s hard drive. If you install a screen-sharing program called Team Viewer (also free/legal) I can show you how to download the files and burn CDs remotely. Team Viewer is at

    One of the most interesting things about Puppy is that it not only can run from a CD, but you can also save your work back to the boot CD! Thus, you could boot a Windows computer from a Puppy CD, go online, create documents, edit pictures, work on sound files – save all your work back to CD and exit. All without touching the hard drive of the computer you borrowed.

    With a Puppy Linux CD in your pocket, you can carry your (own) computer anywhere! OF course this assumes that the computer you use has a CD burner – but you can also install Puppy on a flash drive, and use it on any computer you can set to boot from a flash drive (almost all newer computers).

    One of my current projects is giving free screenings of eco-political films, and I’d be delighted to include your film when it’s completed. Screenings are done under the ‘fair use’ clause of US copyright law. That means I can’t charge any money for them, so I can’t directly contribute for including a film. However, I can (and do) encourage viewers to contribute directly to the film makers whose works I screen. It’s call the M.O.R.E. project. Info about it is at the very bottom of my scrolling website, and also on my blog (both above).

    To inspire you, let me share a link for an amazing free film called “Thrive” that is totally in the same mindset as your film –

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