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This post is long overdue. But I’m writing now because we are at a very critical moment for The Fifth Sacred Thing as a project, and need your help.

We recently had several very high level network pitches. As you read this, people in positions of power are considering whether or not to tell this […]

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Many in our community are free-thinkers who want to create a different way of living. Although we couldn’t exactly agree on the specifics this 2016 election, either via third-party or within the system, we can ALL agree that we need community now more than ever. Our LGBTQ community is fearing for their marriage rights, our differently-abled […]

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FREE audiobook giveaways!

On 1 September 2016 By

We are jumping for joy over here! The new audiobook is now available on Amazon, iTunes AND Audible! Please tell your friends who love reading! (And keep checking this page for new giveaways!)


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 Click on the picture above to go to Audible. Amazon and iTunes coming shortly in a few days!

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Audiobooks are one of the fastest booming markets.

Over the last five years, both the number of titles produced and the sales of the product have skyrocketed. Publishers reported a production increase from 7,237 titles in 2011 to 35,574 titles in 2015—a nearly 500% increase. The ease of digital files has fueled the explosion.

We […]

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Starhawk and I chatted about her fantastic sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing the other day. Here is the transcript of our interview.  If you’re interested to hear it, simply go to my podcast Gungho Eco. The book will be available March 1st through major retailers, such as Amazon here.

Maya:   […]

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We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new member to The Fifth Sacred Thing production team, Eric Watson. Eric is a producer, writer, director, and committed environmental activist. His filmography includes several groundbreaking and critically acclaimed cinema classics including Pi, Requiem For A Dream, and The Fountain. After acting as a friend […]

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TFST 2013 Update

On 7 February 2014 By

2013 was a busy and exciting year for The Fifth Sacred Thing!  We are happy for the opportunity to share the highlights of our march toward production with you.

Making a feature film is a huge undertaking, and our efforts this year have all been directed at securing investment, financing, and champions in the industry […]

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Artist Feature- Akara

On 23 October 2013 By

The name Akara comes from the Indonesian words for “root or vine” and “ritual or performance.” We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Akara, an important member of TFST’s musical community.

NPR described Akara as a “non-stop, out-of-this-world journey.” The energy of the Akara project is inspired by the trance rituals of Bali, the […]

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For all of you who have been part of our efforts to make The Fifth Sacred Thing movie, we wanted to just review what we’ve accomplished in 2012 and what we hope to achieve in 2013.

In the summer of 2011, we ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $76,000, money which has […]

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