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Audiobooks are one of the fastest booming markets.

Over the last five years, both the number of titles produced and the sales of the product have skyrocketed. Publishers reported a production increase from 7,237 titles in 2011 to 35,574 titles in 2015—a nearly 500% increase. The ease of digital files has fueled the explosion.

We […]

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“Who is the Goddess, Who is the Goddess?  We are!”

We sing these words each year at the big Spiral Dance ritual put on by Reclaiming, the spiritual network of teachers and ritual-makers I work with.


In The Fifth Sacred Thing, the Goddess is a character, much as Aywah is in Avatar.  Although the […]

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Happy Birthday Starhawk!

On 17 June 2011 By

‎”Madrone nodded, repeated her own secret rhyme that took her quickly into trance… Energy pulsed through her, into the woman’s body… keeping her alive. For how long? As long as I can sustain it, Madrone thought… could be an almost infinite amount of time… if I could keep myself out of its way and be […]

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