Producer Maya Lilly has a conversation with Starhawk about what transformation looks like, the new audiobook, urban permaculture… and              asks her four random questions which make Starhawk giggle.

Rootstock Radio speaks to Starhawk about permaculture, amplifying hard truths with compassionate and honest voices. Rootstock seeks to              balance the doom-and-gloom with solutions for contributing to a sustainable future.

Lovely article with the Wild Hunt, which follows the heart of the Pagan, Heathen and polytheist world, sharing news and discussing                            important issues. This article discusses how The Fifth Sacred Thing meets our current climate.

Starhawk talks about how Permaculture changed her life, how to design beneficial relationships, and why she feels that there is no more                     vital work we can do than to heal our damaged earth. Plus: conversation about City of Refuge.

This popular KPFA radio show, hosted by Caroline Casey, is a Bay area favorite. Hear her interview Starhawk about the new audiobook.

Each podcast features poetry, story and song offered by Bards throughout the world. There are also interviews with people involved in the                 Druid tradition, plus explorations of Celtic mythology and history, reviews, and competitions.

Dr. Pat Baccili speaks with Starhawk about the new audiobook of Fifth Sacred, and helping peoplereach their unlimited potential.

A guest post about Starhawk’s ability writing “gyroscopic” characters, by producer Maya Lilly.

   A beautiful article for the new Vice platform, Broadly, about correctional institutions and the pagan community.

   How A ‘New World’ Would Look To One Of The Most Famous Pagans Alive, promotion for City of Refuge.

   9 Lessons in spiritual leadership from Starhawk. Sweet article that includes Starhawk’s humor as one of her ways of leading.

   Feature article about The Fifth Sacred Thing’s “One Act of Courage” teaser video on the Film For Action website, featuring films that call for    and inspire community and social action.

   Brief mention of the film in Jacob DeVaney’s feature on Visionary Art featuring concept art by Jessica Perlstein.

   Brief tagline mention of the film in Starhawk’s Summer Solstice article.

   Banner article highlighting our “One Act of Courage” teaser video.

   Access and Inclusion in The Fifth Sacred Thing

   Blog post about Starhawk’s inclusion of ASL (American Sign Language) in the world of The Fifth Sacred Thing.

   Blog post about The Fifth Sacred Thing movie project development.

   Center for Conscious Creativity blog post about The Fifth Sacred Thing.

   Mushroom Magazine interview with TFST concept artist Jessica Perlstein. July/August 2012 Issue, p.72

  • War and Peace – 19 January 2011

    Commentary of Paradox Pollack speaking to Vancouver Evolver Spore about The Fifth Sacred Thing Film, written by Sobey Wing.