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City of Refuge (The Fifth Sacred Thing) (Volume 3)
City of Refuge picks up where The Fifth Sacred Thing left off- just a few weeks after Califia has successfully defeated the invading Stewards.  As the Califians replant their garden streets and rebuild their beautiful city, they struggle to integrate the soldiers who have defected to the north.  When a warship is discovered off the coast, the Califians realize that their peaceable society will never be truly safe until the Southlands are also free.

Bird’s grandmother, Maya, ancient storyteller, nears the end of her life.  “Tell the story, sing the song,” she tells Bird. And then Madrone has a dream. ..

Build a city of refuge in the heartland of the enemy…

Together, Madrone and Bird head to Angel City to establish an enclave that can inspire the Southlanders to rise up and liberate themselves.  They are joined by reformed soldier River and bitter former sex-slave Smokee who lead an Army of Liberation down through the Central valley, while pirate Isis and her lover Sara bring a ragtag navy down the coast.

City of Refuge follows the struggles, the sacrifices, and the victories of the peaceful warriors from Califa as they endeavor to construct a haven in the parched and war-torn Southlands.  Can magic, healing and love overcome the violence of a cruel and despotic regime?


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