The normal way of making a big movie is to sell the idea to a studio and give up control. Even the screenwriter has little say over the finished project—and the author of the original work is rarely allowed to write the screenplay.

We wanted to do it differently. But would we be able to pull it off? To make an end-run around the entrenched studio system and find backers and investors who would share the full vision with us? To have any hope of doing so, we needed your help.

With Kickstarter funds, we put together a pitch that the major film studios can’t refuse – so vivid, so comprehensive, so compelling that they’d climb on board instead of attempting to hijack the train.

That’s why we turned to Kickstarter. The more capital we raised, the more we brought to the table, the more clout we’d ultimately have to make the movie we want, the way we want … the way that the fans of the novel believe in.

UPDATE 2012: Our Kickstarter was extremely successful!


Kickstarter Updates: