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Character Concepts

Maya, the sage storyteller... Bird, our tender and troubled musician... Isis, strong and sleek... So many bold and beautiful characters will come to life in this film. Here are some artists' visions of who they may become.

Bird Blackdragon by Layil Umbralux

San Francisco 2048: Visions of the Future

What will San Francisco look like in 2048? We're interested in your vision. Here are some concepts developed by a team of incredibly talented artists... We'd love your feedback! If you have an original artistic rendering of the city that you would like to have featured here, please email us at: thefifthsacredthingfilm@gmail.com.

SF transformed: Bike Paths

Green Building Inspirations

Right now, people all over the planet are developing new and innovative Green Buildings - fusions of architecture and permaculture. Here are some structures that inspire us - some of them are already standing and functional, others are still in the development phases, and all of them demonstrate a fresh, creative approach to building design.

2008 NYE Countdown Arch