Many in our community are free-thinkers who want to create a different way of living. Although we couldn’t exactly agree on the handsupspecifics this 2016 election, either via third-party or within the system, we can ALL agree that we need community now more than ever. Our LGBTQ community is fearing for their marriage rights, our differently-abled beloveds are feeling ridiculed, and our brown and black brothers and sisters are feeling invisible or fearing deportation. We have been fielding a lot of comparisons to the Stewards from the novel. However, we are holding the highest intentions for the best possible outcome of this surprising election, and the best from the President elect. We need you to keep supporting activism and community, and to stay engaged.

Marianne Williamson said it eloquently in a recent live video on her Facebook:

“Put your fear, your feelings, your pain, your upset into a sacred container. Be in your period of mourning without leaking the energy by participating in this horrible stuff on the internet… there’s a lot of low-level energy out there. Keep your energy contained. We want dignity, we want grace. We want to keep the energy strong, because there will be work to do.”

Starhawk echoed this sentiment:


Artwork by Autumn Skye ART

“Today is a day to commit ourselves to the forces of regeneration—even if we can’t see clearly what they will be or how they will manifest… Consider how we can somehow still protect and heal our threatened and beautiful earth. Plant a seed today, or create something beautiful; care for a child or an elder or a person on the street. Be kind to someone. Be kind to yourself. And do it as a magical act, an act imbued with intention: that whatever comes down around us, we will choose compassion. We will serve regeneration.”  More on her blog.

We will be posting more about nonviolent direct action choices, so stay tuned to our website and social media.

Meanwhile, our film and tv project needs a favor.  

The Fifth Sacred Thing is a beloved novel, but it’s not mainstream. In light of that, we are filming fans of the novel speaking about why this story was so life-changing, and what community means to you.  It’s something you can do now in light of this political turn. We are scheduling people who love this novel in Los Angeles, the Bay area, and Oregon over November and December.  Please tell your friends, and email us at s t a r h a w k s e c r e t [AT] G m a i l [DOT] com if you want IN. You will be saying one or two sentences only about the power of this work.

Stay strong, we will carry on.

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