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It has been quite a busy summer and fall for us as we continue to move The Fifth Sacred Thing project forward, and we have some exciting updates to share!

First, Starhawk has continued to wow our team with her amazing creative output, and has now delivered the final draft of the TFST sequel, City of Refuge.  No spoilers here, but it is just as exciting and possibly even more epic than The Fifth Sacred Thing!!

And secondly, we have re-imagined our vision of this story told in film to include the option of making it as an episodic television series.  It began on Starhawk’s northern property in June, the dry time of the year in the Bay, the producers met to discuss and create the vision for an episodic television series.  The gathering was one part “TV intensive” and two parts ceremony and magic.  Our goal was to take the sage advice of all the wise filmmakers working at studios, create a TV pitch, and then ask the Gatekeepers to hold space and uproot any impediments to our project’s forward momentum.  After days of hashing out key elements in very compelling story cliffhangers for various TV seasons, holding space like Council members in the novel, Starhawk guided us to walk a dry labyrinth while conjuring metaphors of drenched earth and rivers unbounded.

We left with a draft of two seasons of a cable series, 20 hours of content instead of just 2, covering the entire novel.  Starhawk was delighted to be adding in so much character development and nuance that had been cut to suit the film format.  The easy pairing of episodic television to the novel, in the vein of Game of Thrones with no intermissions, was readily apparent to all of us.  The world of Madrone, Maya and Bird was suddenly able to breathe a little, like an ember with just a touch of breeze.

In subsequent months Starhawk finished the City of Refuge final draft, and we eagerly read and drafted that story into two more seasons, making a total of 40 hour-long episodes for non-commercial subscription-based networks, such as HBO, Netflix, Showtime, etc.

As of today Starhawk is on her way to Los Angeles to convene her annual Southern California Winter Solstice ritual and meet with several of our team members, partners, and advisors – so please send your lucky thoughts and blessings her way and continue to watch this space in the coming weeks for more TFST news!

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8 Responses to The Fifth Sacred Thing Update – December 2014

  1. Dori says:

    Netflix pleaaaaassssse! I LOVE this idea. SO MUCH.

  2. Sabra Marcroft says:

    This is the best news yet! Personally I think that all movies made from novels should be filmed as episodic dramas, and then release a “theater cut” which is a portion of the early part of the book. Use the big screen to do a movie length trailer for the series, basically.

  3. Michael says:

    So when can we expect the 5th Sacred Thing in theaters?

  4. Fantastic news! Also, it makes me feel more connected to all of you as I’ve spent the last year imaging my own first script transforming from 2 hours to 20. I’ve been working on it, but just learned last night that I didn’t get accepted into the Hedgebrook residency program as I had hoped. Since I’m recovering from moderate traumatic (my favorite oxymoron) brain injury suffered in a bicycle accident, I’m limited in what I can do. Now, I believe I have actually been dreaming for and with all of you! Because that I can do! I will continue to dream for you, sending my love and best wishes your way! Thank you for restoring my hope that my dreaming is not in vain. It means more to me than you know. As Chick Callenbach would say: Onward!

  5. Shelley says:

    I have long believed that the Fifth Sacred Thing ought to be required reading for every human being. I look forward to seeing this project come to fruition to inspire & plant seeds of possibility in many more.
    Thank you for the efforts over the years for bringing this vision to life.

    In the meantime, I will be hosting a creative visionary space at this year’s NGO CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) Parallel Conference Event, parallel to the UN CSW in New York City in March. I would love to include in the space either a workshop or an interactive installation that brings to participants & patrons an experience of the new paradigm that the Fifth Sacred Thing cultivates.
    Would someone be willing to have a conversation with me about this possibility?

    More information about the basic backbone of the proposal can be seen on my website:

    I look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks!! :)s

  6. carla jensen says:

    can you tell me how i watch or rent the first sacred thing movie? i can’t find it…….

  7. One of the things I’ve always dreamed of doing with my own Green Sci Fi is making visible to more people the Living Machine work of John Todd. I was just thinking how perfect some of John Todd’s existing projects as well as the Earthships of Michael Reynolds would be as locations for Starhawk’s TFST production. I was instructed to share the thought with you by my intuition. Onward.

  8. This is great news! I love the 20 hrs rather than 2, w/ character development and cliffhangers….

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