Starhawk’s been in Cuba for two weeks at the International Permaculture Convergence. She will be home in a few days to give us all the exciting news, but in the meantime, she sends this update:

“I’m here in Cuba at the IPC, with amazing people who are doing incredible work all over the world!  I’m becoming even more aware of just how grave the times are, but we do have solutions. We’ve had an inspiring tour of Cuba’s urban permaculture sites…it’s exciting to see how people here have responded to crisis over time, when the Soviet Union collapsed and oil imports disappeared–they began growing organic food in cities, and rethought their structures for so many things.

We’re learning so much from the Cubans, and the Australians who taught them! And more aware than ever how important it is to bring these skills to the people who need them! Thanks to all of you who have supported our IndieGoGo campaign for Diversity Scholarships for the upcoming Earth Activist Training workshop in January. If you haven’t checked out our IndieGoGo, please do!

Pandora Thomas of the Black Permaculture Network is awesome. She, and the folks from Movement Generation, just gave a great presentation on Liberation Permaculture at the conference. Pandora will be teaching with us at the upcoming EAT workshop in January.”

For more information on the upcoming workshop, please visit:

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