Permaculture—a design science, and a set of practical tools and principles for creating a future we want to live in!  Do you dream of a world that is beautiful, healthy, just, and balanced?  Where everyone has fresh food, clean air, flowing water, and thriving community?  Permaculture gives us the tools to create it, to heal soil and water, build fertility and resilience, and meet our human needs while regenerating the world around us.

Starhawk’s intention through Earth Activist Training is to teach the principles and tools of permaculture alongside those of activism, magic, and ritual to create real change in the world. The next workshop will take place January 5-19, 2014 in Cazadero, California, lead by Starhawk and Charles Williams. Sign up today! Detailed information is listed below.

Believing in the importance of spreading this kind of real change through education to all corners of the globe, Earth Activist Training offers Diversity Scholarships to people of color who are working in environmental and food justice.  From the urban food deserts to the deserts of Africa, EAT students are doing amazing work! And EAT has created an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for these scholarships. Check out Starhawk’s personal message and the video here, and DONATE today!


Workshop information from Star:

Join Starhawk and Charles Williams for the 2014 Earth Activist Training workshop January 5-19, 2014.

Earth Activist Training combines an internationally-recognized permaculture design certificate course with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism.  We learn not just through classroom presentations but through participatory, hands-on projects: games, songs, laughs, and ceremonies.  Topics include permaculture ethics and principles, water harvesting, rain catchment, graywater, soil biology, soil building, compost and compost teas, mushrooms, bioremediation, plant guilds and polycultures, plant propagation, food forests and agroforestry, natural building, strategies for drylands, cold climates and tropics, alternative and renewable energy, group dynamics, meeting facilitation and social permaculture, design process, alternative economics, strategies for organizing and activism, and lots of ritual and magic!

Location:  Black Mountain Preserve, Cazadero, California

Cost:  $1600- $1900 sliding scale, includes food and lodging. Some worktrade available-apply early!  Also limited diversity scholarships for people of color working in earth justice and food justice areas.

For more information:

Contact EAT at: or phone 1-800-381-7940

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