Here at TFST, we’ve been very busy creating legal, financial and creative infrastructure for the development of the film. This includes concept art, original music, perfecting the screenplay, fostering connections with green businesses, pitching the film, and creating our promotional video (watch it here). We’ve designed the foundations of a green, sustainable film project from the ground up, building important alliances…

and this includes you.

Our nine Guilds.

The outpouring of support was so profound we decided to create Guilds (yes, like the novel!) to activate participants. Each Guild will operate like a team, with a Leader who will oversee tasks and report to the producers for effective communication.  It’s basically a phone tree system: The producers reach out to the Leader with a task and an ETA, and the leader can either:

1. Take on the task themselves, or
2. Find us a person or persons within the Guild volunteers to agree to help with that task.

Voila! Simple.

If you feel that your interests and skill set enable you to join one of our nine Guilds, please sign up on our Get Involved pageMake sure you are very specific about your resume. Unfortunately, we don’t need actors until the Production phase begins.

The Nine Guilds:

Sage Council:   Composed of the leaders of each Guild and producers of the film, this is the backbone and brain of The Fifth Sacred Thing Guild system. Council for the spiritual thru-line of the project and holding the integrity of the project.

Earth Stewardship:   Hands-on guardianship of Earth systems, made up of providers like gardeners, permaculture designers, and ecological activists.

Production Hive:   The central production platform bringing people together with experience in film production from all aspects, script to screen.

Conscious Enterprise:   Provides business infrastructure and council, operation support, and cultivating partnerships in the the green business industry.

Archetypes:   Artists of all forms, such as musicians, dancers, and actors, who interpret concepts and take the form of the archetypes in our story.

Storytellers:   Weaving the written word of all our blogs, press, social media, and creative content. Crafts innovative ways to inspire and engage the public.

Design ArchiTechs:   Maintain and create the technology systems, such as website infrastructure, and all tech needs for the film, game, app and legacy projects.

Facilitators:   Teachers and support system who hold the container of all education aspects, pairing social action with the films’ ideals, helping to orient others and facilitate energy with cultural infrastructure.

Q:  If I’m on a Guild, how much time will this take a week?

A:  We’re hoping between 1-3 hours a week of volunteer time. We are fitting volunteers with the right Guilds based on skill set, so everyone  is happy to be working on their projects. Some weeks will have more tasks than others, and some of the Guilds will activate at different times. 

Q:  Why do you need Guilds instead of just paying people to be on the team?

A:  Often when a film is in pre-production, that involves raising the money that will be used to shoot and finish the film. In our case, that’s in the millions. We’ve got a small production team working diligently right now, but not enough to pay everyone involved… yet. But we do expect that Leaders who shine in the Guilds will be the first Go-To people for paid roles in the future. Right now, it’s community and volunteer based to make this happen.

Q:  Do I have to be in the Bay area to volunteer?

A:  Luckily (and thanks to our own Crystal technology, the internet), people can help from anywhere. Some Guilds need specific hands on work, such as the Earth Stewardship Guild, but others just need have internet and a positive spirit!

Q:  What does Starhawk think about the Guilds?

A:   She thinks they’re rad. A dream come true.

If it takes just one act of courage to change the world… just imagine what will happen when we all take action together.


12 Responses to Activating Guilds

  1. She who walks alone says:

    I know you folks are big on doing things differently.. but seriously look at what happened with other films based on metaphysical subjects when instead of going through the system they got made as independents and they weren’t even trying to be experimental about making them. Let alone making it a communal project online IE: Peaceful Warrior and Celestine Prophecy.

    People hardly ever even knew they came out. I found peaceful warrior because someone had it as a trailer on a horror film I rented. I never even knew it was made. I also have friends in the community who are big into Celestine, but didn’t even know the film had been made. I personally imho, think you are going too outside the box and it may ruin you chances of the film seeing the light of day.

  2. Roy III says:

    One love! Veggie compost Rainbow happiness upon you! Much love phamily, you ROCK! Make me a stakeholder, I want to help.

    Roy III

  3. Ocean says:

    In which guild would you put the individuals who know sign language or are sign language interpreters, who could help to teach sign language and/or serve as interpreters for the movie? Since sign language is incorporated into the book, it would make sense that it is also incorporated into the movie as well. I’d love to see some Deaf and ASL actors involved, and I would be happy to help with identifying individuals who would be good for such roles within the film.

  4. Hey folks,

    I’m a former teacher who also specializes in web and technomancy. I’m happy to help but your sign up page doesn’t work. How do I get involved?

  5. Hello,

    This project sounds amazing. I read the book only a few weeks ago and it has left such a strong impression on me; particularly reading articles recently about the sea dying with no fish and full of rubbish.

    I am a dancer and my work is offering trainings to bring people closer to themselves through their bodies and spiritual enquiry; embodiment.
    If there is anything I can do to help I would love to be involved.

    Warm wishes

  6. Anne says:

    I would LOVE to be a part of this project. I see me fitting in well with the Production Hive, the Archetypes or the Sage Council.

  7. I can be a storyteller. I know how to write and I can also edit pretty well. Check out my website to see a sample of my writing. I’m a long time fan of the book and of all Starhawk’s writing and work, including the movie. And I have participated in many public Reclaiming celebrations, and consider myself a Jewitch. Availability—1 0r 2 hours a week.

  8. drue hartwell says:

    I’d love to help from Seattle. Not sure what I would do, could do, and I’d love to work with other Seattlites.

  9. Madge Nutting (aka Maggie) says:

    My husband is a musician and has just finished recording a song called: Stand As One. I think you’d like it. The idea for the song was conceived after we had watched a simulation of the Fukushima leak and how “only the people” will make the changes needed for our planet if we “stand as one”. We are working on getting this song out to the public, however, we are artists not techies. We are hoping to get people together to make a music video. If you or anyone out there can assist in this; the funds (if any) will be used to clean up our planet and especially the Fukushima Leak disaster, as we both feel this is most urgent for our sealife. Please feel free to e-mail me directly if you can help us. We are not at all about money for ourselves and no we are not even close to being rich. We have 16 grandchildren that need to have a clean place to grow up and that is our biggest concern. Thank you. Maggie Nutting (AKA: Nutmeg).

  10. I am interesting in the Guild Program? Did i say that right? Joining a Guild? I don’t Know. I want to do something!

    I draw candles. The storytelling is calling me. Let me know how I can participate.



    Twitter @giuluminoso

  11. Rosemary says:

    I read this book when it first came out. As I watch what our world is becoming I think of the book & tell everyone I know to read the book because it felt as though our future was predicted in that “story”. I am a 62 year old woman, organic gardner, midwife, beekeeper, newly living in a small NH coastal town. Wanting desperately to create a community of sustainability. But not knowing the how’s. I would love to connect in this project somehow.

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