Akara’s latest release

The name Akara comes from the Indonesian words for “root or vine” and “ritual or performance.” We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Akara, an important member of TFST’s musical community.

NPR described Akara as a “non-stop, out-of-this-world journey.” The energy of the Akara project is inspired by the trance rituals of Bali, the shamanic ceremonies of the Amazon, and the new visionary art and culture of Burning Man and the West Coast festival scene. What does that translate to onstage?  Akara is seven musicians and a laptop, along with a troupe of dancers and performers. Their stage show represents a new kind of ritual performance for our postmodern, sound system age. They are the cutting edge.

Akara is created and curated by Joshua Penman, an award-winning composer with a background as fascinating as his music. He has had performances in Carnegie Hall by seventeen full orchestras. Joshua has also scored five films, holds a doctorate in classical composition, played in Balinese and Sundanese gamelans, and studied ragas in India with master vocalist Devashish Dey. 

Akara’s latest album, The World Beyond, is a mystical dance floor symphony, sung across the veil of reality. Listen to their music HERE.

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