Mediaeval Baebes – The Huntress

We are extremely pleased to introduce you to the newest member of The Fifth Sacred Thing musical family – The Mediaeval Baebes.  Their wonderful voices grace the Uprising Theme (above) – composed by Joshua S. Penman of Akara and mixed by Rena Jones, with additional vocals by Femke Weidema and The Spiral Dance Choir, based on an original melody by Evelie Delfino Såles Posch.

The Mediaeval Baebes exquisite storybook opened its pages in 1996 when a group of friends broke into a North London cemetery and sang together, clad in flowing white gowns and crowns of Ivy.

Conceptualized by Katharine Blake, formally of Miranda Sex Garden, the initial aim of getting a few friends together to sing for fun quickly escalated into the beginning of an epic adventure.

 Taking lyrics from mediaeval and romantic texts and setting them to original score using mediaeval and folk instruments, whilst singing in an impressive array of obscure and ancient languages, the Baebes offered a unique musical beauty and outstanding talent. Their choice of mediaeval texts were mythological, philosophical and dark in topic meditating upon the inevitability of death, the pointlessness of material possessions, the agony of unrequited love or the dangers of imbibing too much alcohol! Some themes are timeless!

Seventeen years later, these fair maidens have placed three albums into the top of the classical charts and their contribution to the BBC production of The Virgin Queen (composed by Martin Phipps) resulted in a deserved Ivor Novello Award 2007 for best television soundtrack.

The Mediaeval Baebes have performed before awe-struck audiences in the UK, United States, Canada, Aisa and Europe in venues ranging from castles and caves to nightclubs and Renaissance Fayres. /they have toured with Jools Holland and played at the Royal Albert Hall, Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall, Jersey Opera House, Tewkesbury Abbey, supported Michael Flatley in Hyde Park, and performed at the legendary Lilith Fayre.

Their most recent album “The Huntress” takes a fresher contemporary direction whilst retaining the ethereal beauty of the Baebes’ historical and romantic influences and is their most musically ambitious album to date.

Their website is:

…And Here’s a link to buy their new album “The Huntress”

…And Here’s a video of their song “Veni Veni Bella” from the new album – Enjoy!

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