We are very pleased to present our new teaser for The Fifth Sacred Thing film project.  We have been working very hard behind the scenes to develop the project, and realized we needed a quick and effective way to present the story ideas and themes of the film to those who have not yet read the novel.

Our team has been creating so much great art and music since the Kickstarter video we released in the summer of 2011 that we knew we needed a vehicle to present it to all of you who have been supporting our efforts to bring the novel to the screen.

The video is narrated by the wonderfully talented actress Olympia Dukakis, who has signed on to portray Maya Greenwood in the film.  Starhawk wrote the script for the video, and The Fifth Sacred Thing Theme score was written by Joshua Penman of Akara, and mixed by Rena Jones.

The concept art was executed by our stellar crew of artists:  Andrew Jones, Jessica Perlstein, George “Geoglyphics” Atherton, Layil Umbralux and Mark Lakeman, Jen Zariat, and also features the original novel cover art by Keith Batcheller.

The video also features the mural “A New Dawn (Naya Bihana)” by Martin Travers, as well as a fantastic piece by muralist Juana Alicia.

Many thanks are also due to Jay Rosenberg, Hayes Valley Farm, Double Rock Garden, Emerald City Garden, Food Not Bombs, Golden Rabbit Ranch, and The City & County of San Francisco for their contributions to the video.

As executive producer I would personally like to thank our entire production team for their tireless work and support:  Starhawk, Paradox Pollack, Maya Lilly, Katy Bell, Taka Love, Jay Rosenberg, Maya Zuckerman, Andie Grace, and Kyra Bergsund.

And finally, a very special special thank you to all of our investors, donors, and Kickstarter backers – without your support none of the work we have been doing to bring Starhawk’s novel to the screen would be possible.

A captioned version of the video is also available below or at:



14 Responses to New video – One Act of Courage

  1. Christine says:

    Wow! I am so excited for this!!

    • Lydia says:

      me too! the trailer came out so well, much longer and more enthralling than I’d expected. 🙂

    • Sue Bromm says:

      I am really looking forward to this! I love that Maya is my age and lived through much of my life.

  2. Alice Yaxley says:

    What a powerful video. It’s so exciting to see the evidence as the film comes closer to being realized. Great work everyone!

  3. I’m very excited to hear about this project. Olympia Dukakis will make an excellent Maya. 😀 Here’s to amazing success for an amazing story.

  4. diane says:

    Beautiful! Very exciting to see this moving along! BB

  5. d. maria (mariah) says:

    I’m so proud. The Fifth Sacred thing is my bible and the basis for my spirituality. I read it to my new partner 2 years ago when we first started dating. Now we are starting the same process with the prequil about Maya and very excited. My daughter died in January and Starhawk’s book of Pagan Living and Dying has been my lifeLine these long weeks. . . There seems to be no end to the ways Starhawk’s writings and the example of her life inspire me. I cannot wait for this movie! I can send it to my children and their children and perhaps they’ll understand me a little better! Thank you, dm

  6. kayla starr says:

    The timing is perfect for a vision of a possible future to be made manifest. One Planet is Turning….Let’s keep the flame of Hope Alive….

    • we need to do more than hope, living through films that offer change, but change little. After 50 years of explaining the message, so many prefer to stay stupid and not find themselves. Of course, any worthwhile message is good, but it has to move beyond film.

      • Mouse says:

        Frederick – We think you will be pleasantly surprised with the depth and range of community based educational, legacy and outreach projects we are planning in association with the film. You are absolutely right, and we couldn’t have said it better!

  7. Wonderful – it is inspiring to see this film unfold and blossom. Blessing to everyone involved, our sacred planet and to all human-kindness. I have a strong sense there is a song of mine that would fit well into this film. I passed along a copy to Starhawk when she was in Vancouver at the very early stages of this project. I will be sure to follow up now that I see you have a music producer on board.
    Best to you all.

  8. A. Blackdragon says:

    I was so enthralled with the book upon discovering it two decades ago, that I took the name Blackdragon, legally. I am ecstatic with the prospect of seeing characters that have become like family to me, in the flesh!

    Tremendous THANKS to all that are involved in this project!

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  9. sunne ann paquette says:


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