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We know many of you have seen a lot of the great art being generated by our spectacular team of concept artists, including Layil Umbralux, Jessica Perlstein, Andrew Jones, Mark Lakeman, and George “Geoglyphics” Atherton.  We also have a wonderful music team headed by composer Joshua Penman of Akara, with Rena Jones as audio engineer, and featuring a wonderful cast of many musicians, including the amazing vocal group Mediaeval Baebes from the UK.

We have received a lot of questions from fans and donors to our Kickstarter campaign about how we have been spending the development funds we raised in the campaign.   Of course there were fees for Kickstarter and Amazon which every successful Kickstarter project is required to pay, as well as the creation and mailing of our donor rewards.  Right out of the gate we secured a production manager to generate production schedules and budgets from the screenplay, and also began work with our artists and designers to create a pitch package in order to bring additional talent and investment to the project.

The Kickstarter funds were critical to building the foundation for the production, and we are forever grateful to all the fans & friends who have helped us move the film forward more quickly than we ever could have on our own.  We also have to thank the independent contributors who have donated a good deal of funding to the project – sometimes in small, and often in quite large amounts.  Over the last few months we have also been raising funds from private investors to keep the project moving forward, and even in these difficult times I am happy to report that we are right on target to keep a healthy and vibrant momentum for the film.

We value the contributions of all of you to The Fifth Sacred Thing, and squeeze as much value as possible out of all the donations and investment we receive.  Much of that is due to the artists and staff who are helping us create the film on a daily basis – most of whom are paid, but all of whom are giving much more value to the project than they are receiving in payment.  And you can rely on us to continue spending the development funds responsibly – as the largest investor in the film I personally guarantee it, because, hey – it’s my money too!

Of course we have travel expenses, website and social media presence, legal and accounting services, taxes, and the regular office expenses any business incurs – but the bulk of our budget goes to the people who are helping us to build the foundations for a strong film.  As a lifelong artist and entrepreneur this is one of the aspects of filmmaking which excites me the most.  Of course we all know how much passion The Fifth Sacred Thing inspires and fills us with.  All of us who are working on the project are here for exactly that reason – we know that the epic story Starhawk has blessed us with ignites passion and creativity in everyone who is exposed to it, especially us!

2013 has been a pretty action packed year for our team so far.  We have had some exciting pitch meetings in Los Angeles with production and distribution groups who definitely have the resources and experience to bring the film to life in the way it deserves.  We are planning another round of pitches when the next version of the screenplay is completed in June.  To that end, Starhawk has been working hard with screenwriting guru Maggie Soboil on tightening up the script, synopsis, and pitch treatments.  And of course, don’t forget that Starhawk is also well into the first draft of the sequel, tentatively titled City of Refuge.  We’re all pretty excited about that!!

We are also moving forward on strategy, pitch, and financial package elements with Jeff Hardy of FilmProfit, which will enable the project to solicit the equity funding and distribution necessary for The Fifth Sacred Thing.  Jeff is definitely an expert in the field, and his work is critical to the financial success of many motion pictures and production companies.

In just a few days we will be releasing a new video teaser for the project – not a trailer for the film, but an outline of the story told from the perspective of Maya Greenwood – narrated by Olympia Dukakis, who has also signed on to play the role of Maya in the film.  We hope the video will help us reach out not just to current fans of the novel, but to those who have not had the opportunity to read the book yet.

We also ran a successful job training pilot program for inner city youth from public housing and developed a garden for a community-based organization (not with Kickstarter funds but with independent grants) to help us get our Green Projects off the ground – or into the ground! at a very early stage.  Our experience with our Emerald City Green Entrepreneurship training will help us develop, plan and budget for the larger-scale projects we hope to do as spin-offs from the movie.

We have many other exciting projects underway as well, but have to keep a few things under wraps until the time is right – we hope you will be as excited as we are with all the wonderful things which are right around the corner for The Fifth Sacred Thing!  On behalf of our entire crew and production staff, thank you for all the love and support for the film project that you send our way – we feel it each and every day.







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