Starhawk is featured along with many other prominent environmental voices in the documentary United Natures, “a film on the Rights of Mother Earth, Environmental Philosophy, Permaculture of the Inner Landscape, Wisdom and Spirituality, and a Neo-Indigenous Future for Humanity.” The film will be released on June 1, 2013, and was created by Peter Charles Downey, the director of 2011’s acclaimed Anima Mundi.

“Somewhat of a sequel to Anima Mundi, United Natures delves deeper into the philosophy of the Gaia perspective and the human role within nature and as part of the Earth’s ecosystem. Exploring “permaculture of the inner landscape” and how our personal inner environments reflect on the outer environment. And exploring the renewed consciousness of Mother Earth Rights and the new Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, proposed to sit along side the United Nations human rights declaration.”

The film stars Vandana Shiva, Cormac Cullinan, David Holmgren, Prof. Judith Koons, Dr Helen Caldicott, Starhawk, Father Bob Maguire, John Seed, Dr Alessandro Pelizzon, Dr Stephan Harding, Polly Higgins, Linda Sheehan, Prof. Stuart Hill, Oliver Holmgren, Cecilia Macaulay, Rosa Maria Ruiz and Michael Reynolds. A United Natures Independent Media production supported by Peter Erb Media, Chris Erb, Yerba Beuna Films, Permaculture Magazine, Neel Chaudhuri, Tristan Copley Smith and Elaine Santana.

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