Sara dances with the bees

When pondering the production of this film, the reader may wonder how Maya’s interactions with the Melissa and her bees might be realized on the screen. As it happens, such interactions with the “little sisters” are not just the stuff of fiction. Meet Sara Mapelli, Bee Dancer.

Sara started dancing with Honey Bees in 2001. She says that it has been one of her most enlightened experiences of her story so far, and that is saying a lot, as she plays many roles in this life. Not only does Sara dance with bees, she dances with clients in her transparent body energy realignment work, with paint and images in her artwork, and with people in ceremony and in joy. With her energy healing work she has been helping people for the past 25 years.

Sara has also been building alternative buildings with her partner Theodore for the last 20 years. They have built a cordwood home and straw bale studio in the Columbia River Gorge and currently are building a retreat center in Central Mexico called the Golden Bee.

 “Dancing with bees is like seeing the outside of your body magnified and your cells expanded into a painful tornado,” says Sarah.  “Dancing with bees is like being inside a true whirlwind of precise communication.  Dancing with bees is a ‘duetting,’ that is, a creation of a new type of duet between the one and the many that dissolves fear, gravity, language, ego and time.”

Sara, who has been dancing since she was four has danced with bees twice as part of her art, which includes photography, video, painting and often crosses the line into ceremony. The second dance was in conjunction with the movie Queen Of The Sun. Video of the bee dance was posted on You Tube in January 2012 and has almost 100,000 hits as of December 2012. There is a 3rd, top secret, bee dance being planed and will soon be spreading its wings of invitation.

from her site: Sara Mapelli, Bee Queen

During the dance Sara has about 12,000 bees on her at one time. The first layer of bees bites to stay on. This is extremely uncomfortable, in fact, painful. Slowly the pain changes into an underlying high frequency that merges into the buzzing of the bees. The bees start to push her body with their wings and sing and they dance her. She has the bees on her for over 2 hours at a time. There are bees in her hair, in her armpits, hanging from her chin, breasts and back. She has gotten stung during the dance and remains calm, as if in another world.

Transparent Body Energy Realignment

Sara’s energy realignment work addresses an individual’s ability to heal by re-synchronizing the body’s electrical energy system.  She has over 25 years of experience working with unresolved injury; trauma, post and pre surgery care, HIV support, open heart surgery, fractures, headaches, sinus infections, teeth pain, immune support, Cancer support, Lyme’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Insomnia and many other health concerns.  Sara also performs Long Distance Healing Sessions.  She has worked from her home in the North West with clients in New York, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago, Minneapolis, California, Florida, Mexico, South America, Germany, Italy and Morocco.

Recently she has been offering a session called Dance Your Point of Origin, which is a private movement session and energy realignment combination.  This session is intended to reprogram ones cellular structure, unfold body memory, and explore time by shifting past, present and future bodies.

Sara’s Transparent Body Energy Realignment Page on Facebook is the place to follow news about her working and session specials.

Sara was raised by public artist Liz Mapelli and so grew up around large scale art works her whole life.  Sara is a mix media dreamscape self-portrait faceted diamond bee artist who explores stereo types and cultural social constructs.  She has permanent public art works in Hospitals, Police stations Schools and Colleges.  The materials she has used for theses project include powered coated metals, bronze, terrazzo and fused glass. Pink Pearl Dragon Posse is the Facebook page to follow to get info on bee dances and art openings.

Alternative Building and The Golden Bee

Sara and her partner Theodore started building on a two-acre plot of land in 1993.  Over the past 20 years they have worked with post and beam, cordwood masonry, straw bale, cob, soil cement, recycled building supplies, natural stone, passive solar, spring water collection, waste veggie oil energy, tree grafting, permaculture, chickens, turkeys, solar water collection, pearlite cement and many more alternative and eco friendly ways to make shelter, energy and community.  (Now breathe.)

The Golden Bee is an extension of the art and progressive community they have been involved with.  The intention is to create a space in Guanajuato Mexico that can be used by individuals or groups who want to travel to a magical place and have a space to dance, move, cook, expand and create ceremony. Follow their Facebook page for Golden Bee Retreats and Rentals to see what the future holds for you in Mexico.

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