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Artist George Atherton creates his work under the name Geo Glyphiks. His creations are beautiful, deeply-detailed, and soulfully inspired by his vision for what he calls a “harmonious, ecologically thriving world and awakened states of being” – so it was hardly surprising to hear him describe how his connection to The Fifth Sacred Thing film project came about.

“Two dear friends contacted me back to back and said, ‘This project is for you,’ Geo told me this week on the phone from Seattle, where he lives and creates. This introduction led him to dive into the world of twenty-first century California, the story of how ‘a society rooted in peace might defend itself from one rooted in war.’

“The story of the 5th Sacred Thing highlights the power of peaceful resistance, something rarely seen in today’s entertainment media,” Geo says, “but history shows that we can use entertainment to sow the seeds and symbols that grow into worldwide peoples’ movements.”

A potent example is found in Alan Moore’s  V for Vendetta, the graphic novel that inspired the Wachowski brothers’ film adaptation. Originally a comic conceived by small team of visionaries, it was catapulted into mainstream consciousness by the movie. As those seeds sprouted, activists organizing on the 4chan forums adopted the Guy Fawkes mask as the face of their efforts, and in the last couple of years it has become emblematic of Anonymous and the Occupy movement. “It swept the world,” Geo notes. “Fantasy became Reality.”

Co-producer Paradox Pollack asked Geo to explore a side to The Fifth Sacred Thing that hadn’t yet been represented in the concept artwork for the production – the shamanic dream sequences of the story. “Jessica Perlstein had conjured images of the San Francisco ecotopian paradise, Android Jones had summoned visions of the final invasion,” he says, “so I approached the more internal landscape of the story, the journeys to the underworld that drive the characters towards their personal empowerment.”

The characters of the Fifth Sacred Thing contribute those personal powers to the greater efforts of the community. “It inspires me to keep pushing my own skills as an artist, increase my capacity to contribute to projects with a wider reach. I believe the creative collaboration of the Fifth Sacred Thing has magic that will heal the world, and I want to feed that as much as I can.”

For most of the past year, George has been honing his skills in in the realms of 3d modeling and environmental speed painting. “I’m stoked on the entertainment industry discipline of rapid concepting, where an artist creates a first-impression in 2d, then hands it off to the next teammate in the production pipeline. After passing through so many skilled hands, that vision is fully realized as a living, breathing animation, the likes of which can touch the hearts and minds of millions,” Geo says. “I know that this kind of collaboration is one of the best things I can do to help in this crucial period of global transformation, and I know that the Fifth Sacred Thing film will inspire countless people to ask themselves, ‘What can I do to make this vision a reality?'”

You can find more of Geo’s incredible art at Geoglyphiks.com.

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