Dear friends,


It’s been just over a year since we launched our highly successful Kickstarter campaign to support making The Fifth Sacred Thing into a movie.  Thanks to you and many others, we were able to more than meet our goal and raised $76,000, putting us up into the top fifty of Kickstarter campaigns at the time.  The whole experience was wonderful—not just because of the money but because of the immense amount of support and good will we felt coming to us from our extended community.  We also got lots of offers of help from everyone from artists and actors to technical folks and fundraisers.


Now, thanks to you, we’re moving into the next phase.  As we’ve said all along, our goal is to make a big, beautiful feature film with all the special effects and trimmings, and the money you’ve contributed will help us do that.  Thanks to you, we are now in position to search for investors, a director and talent to move us toward production.  It’s a long road, and much of what we’ve used our resources for is the invisible but necessary legal and financial structures that will be the underpinnings of the project.  We’ve also been able to do some more creative and juicy stuff, like commissioning more art to help us envision the look of the project, some beginning musical themes and styles, and getting our website rolling.


We’ve also gotten a line item budget done for the screenplay that Starhawk wrote, and a fully complete pitch for our first tier investors.  Some of the money also has bought Starhawk some time to begin writing a sequel, something she’s put off doing for the last twenty years.  As well, she’s done a treatment for a two-movie version of The Fifth Sacred Thing—which is our secret dream.


As well, Starhawk and Jay Rosenberg ran a pilot program that offered job training in gardening and plant propagation for six youth from public housing in Bayview Hunters Point, the San Francisco neighborhood with the lowest per capita income and highest crime rate.  We collaborated with Earth Activist Training and Hunters Point Family to create a beautiful container garden on an asphalt lot—a prototype for what we hope to do with our sets for the movie.  Our Green Plan for production is part of our investment packet, and we hope to attract backers who share our vision.


So you see we’ve been busy, and we’re pushing ahead right now to keep the project moving along.  We hope you will continue to support us, and we intend to send these updates from time to time as we have more exciting news to report.


Here’s some of the ways you can continue to help make this dream a reality:


If you have talents or skills to contribute, or want to get on our list for extras when the day finally comes that we’re in production, go to our website and fill out the form at


If you’d like to contribute money to the project, you can do so via our PayPal account here.  We especially welcome contributions to our nonprofit green projects, and you can make a tax-deductible donation to Alliance of Community Trainers, who are kindly serving as our fiscal sponsors while we are in process of setting up our own foundation.  You can make donations to ACT at:


If you are interested in investing in the project, or know someone who might be, drop us a note at and we will be happy to talk with you about the details and send you our packet.


And finally, please Like us on Facebook if you haven’t done so already, and encourage your friends to do the same.  It helps us enormously to be able to demonstrate how much support and interest is already out there for this project!  You can also follow us on Twitter.  Starhawk tweets at Starhawk17, and her Facebook page is here.


Again, we are so very grateful for your support and interest!  May you have a wonderful and abundant summer.



Philip Wood

Paradox Pollack

Yerba Buena Films




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