Starhawk, Paradox, and Mouse enjoy a sun-soaked day atop San Francisco's Bernal Hill

I know that if you’re reading this in the Midwest or the Northeast, you may be slogging through snowbanks and shivering in the cold, but here in Califia, it’s spring.  The trees are blossoming, and the bulbs pushing up through the earth.  And with the energy of the new year and the new season, we’re preparing a big push forward for The Fifth Sacred Thing movie.

I know we’ve been quiet these last couple of months, but a lot was happening underground.  We’ve been busy fulfilling all those Kickstarter awards we promised our donors—thank you!  And we’ve put the money we received to work, preparing all the elements of our investment pitch to bring in the financing we’ll need for the next stage.

Now, we’re on the verge.  We’ve got new art, new music, a screenplay and a line item budget for what it will cost to produce it.  We’ve also got fluttery, squirrely feelings in the midriff as we contemplate the next step.

All this last week, we’ve been meeting, meeting, meeting!  Weaving threads together…writing, writing, writing…some great and inspiring meetings.  We met with Ohlone Profiles who are bringing back the ceremonies of the First People of this land. Louis Fox of Free Range Media (and also, I’m proud to say, a graduate of Earth Activist Training) will help us make some new, short video teasers in the next few months.  Jay Rosenberg, who started Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco on an abandoned freeway offramp, will direct the first of our green projects which we’re hoping to get underway in the next weeks.  Jen Zariat is continuing to guide our social media.  And lots, lots more…

Paradox and I heard anarchist anthropologist David Graeber’s lecture on his new book, Debt: The First 5000 Years.  Over dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant (Suriya Thai on Howard, in case you’re wondering) we got to hear his thoughts on what a truly relational, regenerative economy might look like.  The next night, we heard game designer Jan McGonigal, author of Reality is Broken, talk about games with social impact.  We also got to play massively multi-player thumb wrestling!

Now, all the pieces are pretty much together and gone off to the person who can make them look pretty.  Here’s where we find out – can it really happen?  Can we make a big, feature film out of The Fifth Sacred Thing?  Can we do it in a way that stays true to the values of the book?

You can help – in a really easy, simple way.  We know how many people want to see this movie made.  Help us make that visible – by going to our Facebook page and clicking Like, and asking your friends to do the same.  You might also want to Like the page for the book itself, and Starhawk’s personal page.

And with the new energy of spring, expect this space to come alive with lots of exciting new material!

We’re so thankful to all of you who have helped support us to get this far!

25 Responses to The Fifth Sacred Thing Film Update – February 2012

  1. Lyr says:

    I would love to see this made into a movie, but I’m afraid it — like ‘Agora’ — wouldn’t be able to be shown anywhere in the US due to its theme.

    • Paul says:

      This is probably the most inspirational, life-changing pieces of literature I’ve ever read. It is a beautiful affirmation of my faith and it would be a crime against humanity if the movie isn’t made.

      • Starhawk says:

        LOL, Paul! Thanks for your vote of confidence. Actually, I think the world could survive the movie not being made, but it would break my heart to see it made badly, which is why we’re working so hard to do it in this somewhat unconventional manner! So great to hear that it’s inspired you, Starhawk

      • Friday says:

        The book is out there already, a movie may or may not prove to extend the value (true value) of the new meme

  2. JeninCanada says:

    We’re all behind you, Starhawk! The Fifth Sacred Thing, I feel, must be made into a film so that vision of what the future could be, and should be, is shared and taken up by millions of others. Together we can slow down, pause, back up and rebuild our world.

  3. bonsai says:

    this is so great. i love that its happening! i wonder- is the whole cast chosen already? i would love to be in this movie. its inspired me so much and is how we live already. please count me in if there is a casting call coming up. thank you!!!

    • Starhawk says:

      No, we’re not yet at the casting phase. If you’re interested in hearing when we do make a casting call, you can sign up here on the website–just go to the Get Involved menu, drop down and sign up on our form. Then we’ll have you in the files and will alert you. You can also sign up for our newsletter. Thanks!

  4. Susan says:

    Don’t worry, Lyr…there will be no problem showing the movie…after Avatar, and movies with all kinds of amazing revolutionary and progressive themes…My friend Michael Moore’s work is much, much more controversial. And we have the power collectively to make it happen. There will be more and more people committed to seeing this through……POWER TO THE PEOPLE! GO Star, Mouse and Paradox!!!!

    • Starhawk says:

      You all can help us build that support by Liking our Facebook page and asking your friends to do the same:

    • Paradox Pollack says:

      Thank you Susan.
      We do believe this is the moment that this film can get made.
      That the situation is perfect and we simply have to be bold and present, and keep our eye on the prize of getting a vision of this world to the screen.
      In order that people can see for the first time on film, humanity in harmony with nature and the commitment it takes to keep that reality alive…

      • Susan McGee says:

        Beautifully articulated, Paradox…gave me chills.
        Since I heard Star’s voice on the Kickstarter web site…I have never doubted for one single second, I have a bone deep and soul sure belief that this movie will happen. Venceremos.
        Love to all, Susan

  5. Mary Battle says:

    Can’t wait.

  6. Jane from Maryland says:

    I would love to see this movie because I would love to disappear into that world for a few hours. I feel as if it gives us hope when things are so weird around us, and I live near Washington, D.C., where things are truly weird. I think it would be good if some star power person signed up early, so that others would come along as well as financing. A fried got his independent movie made that way, by enlisting Fred Willard early on. Would this be something Bill Murray might like, since he has sought out films with a spiritual message? Does anybody want to send him the book? Anybody know him? Or some other person…

  7. Fred Trafton says:

    I’ve seen too many books I love made into movies I hate. Usually the author says, “I sold the rights and they messed it up and never even so much as asked me what I thought.” Ask Ursula LeGuin what she thinks of the Earthsea movie if you want to get an earful. So I’m thrilled to hear that Starhawk is taking this VERY active role in getting this movie made. What it may lack in huge budgets and big-name producers and movie stars it will doubtless make up for in integrity and harmony with the book.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up as often as I’d like, so please pardon if this question has been answered. Is this going to be a studio production or a home-brew “fan movie”? I’ve seen some EXCELLENT fan movies, I don’t think it would necessarily be a bad approach. I have no doubt the Northern Cal Pagan scene has loads of artistic talent who would love to work on this for little or nothing. I’m just wondering which way this is headed?

    • Starhawk says:

      We’ll see. The movie we envision requires a big budget. The next few weeks or months will show us whether we can get that without losing control of key aspects. What we’ve found so far is that there are many people in and around the industry who are hungry to do something with meaning and integrity. So wish us luck! We’re almost ready to go after the director, the cast, and the investors.

  8. I liked this on fb, I only wish there was a ” Love” button! This was one of the most influential and somewhat reassuring (in a strange way), book I have ever read. I want to re-read it now that I am older and times are lookin tougher. There is so much that people could learn from this story. Hey what about a 5th sacred thing summer camp with survival skills.being the focus?
    So much respect for you and much appreciation for your work! ~<3~

  9. Rhonda Evenstar says:

    Yay we here in Australia cant wait for the Fifth Sacred Thing. You are well liked on FB in Australia too!We are hoping that you will be come to the opening in Melbourne, we may even be able to link in an Australian Witchcamp :). Sending magic your way to help the project to stay under your guidance-
    love, Rhonda Evenstar

  10. Susan says:

    Yes, I agree…I had always been heavily influenced by the book. When Starhawk announced that it was going to be made into a movie, I re-read the book. It was even more powerful than the first time I read it. I then started re-reading The Earth Path very slowly and consiously and it had a profound effect on me. I am incredibly happy to hear that the first responses from creative and committed people in the film industry, etc. are so positive. I’m not surprised, somehow.

  11. Sue says:

    Will pray for this endeavor at Moon Ceremony this week-end. This movie really needs to be made. Thank you Starhawk for all that you do.

  12. Jonathan says:

    I cannot wait for this film to go into production. Seeing it in the cinema will be fantastic, sure, but it really seems that the process of making it itself will be innovative, empowering and transformative – both for society, and how we interact with non-human nature. I’m inspired! Good luck, you folk x

  13. jonathan says:

    The time is RIGHT NOW to make this film! Yes, I was personally very inspired by the book, but more importantly than that, people need to see that non-violent revolution is possible. We are at a crucial moment where change is starting to happen, but ugly forces are rising up to block it. It is not surpirsing that one of the fiercest attacks is on women! Folks in the non-violent change movement need all the inpsiration they can get! Where do I go to contribute financially to this project?

  14. Amelia says:

    The Fifth Sacred Thing is likely my favorite book, not simply for its art, but for its power and resonance. I couldn’t put it down and I was slightly sad to finish it. I also read Walking to Mercury and feel so much for the journeys the characters travel, as it reflects in any great journey through spirit and into the world. I agree that this movie needs to be made. Until being exposed to Starhawk’s work, I never had the right words to express who I was becoming, a Sacred Activist. Without this shared vision and passion, the work to be done is too great a task. Relearning the old ways, relearning to connect, is our only hope. I pray that this movie will be made as you vision it, Starhawk. I will do all I can to support this project.

    Blessed be,

  15. Alena says:

    I cried when I read the Fifth Sacred Thing – partially because It took all the best parts of humanity and all the most beautiful pieces of religion and put them together in one story of the-way-things-could-be, and partially because the thought that we might never come home to a world like this is too painful to bear. Paradox is right – the time is now, as people are becoming afraid of what we’re doing to the world, as they begin to realize how bad it could be. We need this, because we need the hope.

  16. Lloyd says:

    I’m well into my third reading since learning of the book late in the 1990s. I’ve loaned my copy, along with my with notes, and haven’t had it returned. Great loss. Now I’m struggling through an electronic version.

    I often tell people about this book when I talk about politics and faith. People say vision is about portraying the world in the way that it seems to be going, and then creating within it what can be done by the particular envisioned movement, and I think this is what Starhawk has done. It is filled with hope, and helps me have faith in the power, imagination, and sense of place of true community.

  17. Friday says:

    I moved to the woods of WV to die in 1994. That did not occur. In WV I found the spine of a book to cheer me up. That book was “TFST.”

    I purchased that book and gave it away more times than I can recall, it’s all good, so why bother.

    The other day I read a thing about war and stuff. I immediately recalled TFST and posted on FB my idea for the paradigm shift.

    It is just an idea.

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