We did it, everyone!  We’re 127% funded, thanks to you–and up in the top 50 of Kickstarter’s  most funded projects!  Huge gratitude to all of you who donated, who Liked the site, who joined our Facebook page, who posted and forwarded our links, who have offered so many different kinds of help, support and creativity!  And thanks to Kickstarter for providing this site!

We did this even without being featured by Kickstarter–thanks again to all of you who helped spread the word.  And despite a stock market crash in the middle of the campaign.  As I look over the figures, I notice that we had just a few large donors, for whom we are devoutly grateful, and many, many small donors, for whom we are also immensely grateful, for we know that $5 for one person may be a bigger dent in the account than $5,000 for someone else.  Our average donation was $53.34.

Now, the next phase begins.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be getting the rewards out to those who have pledged.  We’ll be putting together our investment packet, and beginning the search for a director, as well as continuing to pull together art, music, and other resources.

Don’t expect to see the movie next week–it’s still a long term project.  But it is much closer to realization, thanks to you!  We’ll do our best to keep you updated, and invite you to stay connected through our website and Facebook page.

If you haven’t done it yet, remember your free gift of The Five-Fold Path of Productive Meetings awaits you at http://www.starhawk.org/Five-Fold_Path.html.  That’s the outtake from my forthcoming book, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, due out in October.

I’ve learned a lot in these sixty days.  I’ve learned that having a constant stream of support is like having a wind at your back–I’ve been sailing on it and it feels really good!  I’ve also learned that being in a constant state of gratitude is a really wonderful place to be.  We’re all raring to go for the next phase, and we hope you’ll continue to be part of the team!

Thanks and blessings, Starhawk

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  1. […] film studios. Starhawk, along with producers Paradox Pollack and Philip ‘Mouse’ Wood have made a special thank-you video to mark the end of this first phase. Pollack also recently appeared on the Paradigms radio show to talk about the film and the […]

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  2. jonathan says:

    How do I make a financial contribution?

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