If you have been wanting to get involved with the production of The Fifth Sacred Thing film, here’s your chance!  We have added a production sign up to our website where you can share your talents with us and have the opportunity to join our team!

Just follow the link below and fill out the form, and you will be added to our production database.  It’s that simple.  We look forward to hearing from you and ensuring that we can harness the incredible talent of our family and community to make the most powerful film possible.  Thanks to everyone for your all of your fantastic support and  offers of assistance!!


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16 Responses to The Fifth Sacred Thing Production Sign Up is now live!

  1. Leela Goldstein says:

    I would very much like to be a part of this production but not sure in what capacity. I actually live in the Southlands now (LA) but lived on 5 acres in OR for 25 yrs, HI for 10 yrs and many other places in the world. I have grown food, practiced permaculture principles for so long, am an herbalist and in general very eclectic in many other fields. At our place we did regular community ritual, have done Witchcamps etc. I could be available in any capacity needed from cooking great food for lots of people to helping set up composting, greywater systems, caring for bees, setting up gardens needed for the movie or whatever. I am also very good with promoting social settings. I am not a “professional” really in any particular area so have no website etc – I am a willing and good worker and love working in community. I read the Fifth Sacred Thing when it was first published and have given it to many people and re-read it many times. It would be an honor to be able to work on this movie in any way needed. Blessed Bees!!!

  2. Lewis says:

    I am an artist and writer. I have written two feature length screenplays and one TV pilot. I have an MFA in sculpture and ceramics and I have worked as a beekeeper. I would be delighted and honored to work on The Fifth Sacred Thing.

  3. richard richards says:

    yes, would contribute my spirit driven[500 times] journal based program, ”taking personal responsibility for your own education/health,” and the 20 minute introduction. i think you have a grand idea here.
    richard richards,,20 yr. sub. tchr., 20 yr. mechanic, 10 yr. eldercareperson,community elder.

  4. Melodi Grundy
    I’m a weaver, and while I now live in Ireland I used to live in the Bay Area. I would love to see the work of the silk workers in the movie, even if they are somewhat of a back drop. I always wondered where the silk moths were grown and if there were any other fibers (like Valley Cotton or wool) that was also woven. I can hardly wait for the movie – if I was still near by I’d offer to be in th movie with my spinning wheel, the way I used it at the Spiral Dance afternoon nearly 20 years ago, when I was just spinning in the background of the ritual.

  5. Tess bliven says:

    I would love to be a extra on the film! I have been wishing for this movie to be made for years. I just moved to the Bay and would love to be involved in any way I can! much love

  6. Deanna Tworivers says:

    We are available as musicians, songwriters, photographer and actor. We have worked in film & television production behind and in front of the camera. Please use us to bring the vision into the physical.
    Thank you
    Deanna Tworivers

  7. Alys says:

    Hi, I have an MA in Creative Writing and am close to completing a PhD in Creative Writing. I’ve been a Pagan and witch for 27 years, and have worked with various pagan groups. I am also a qualified midwife, midwifery lecturer and writer on midwifery topics. I work freelance as a writer. One of my Masters projects was on transmission from book to film – so I have some skills in adaptation and the like.
    I love The Fifth Sacred Thing – I have loved this book for so many years I can’t count them, and truly believe in its vision. I have three copies now, two of which I lend to others so they can read it. I live in the UK but can offer help remotely in any way I can – even if it is just editing scripts, proofreading, or providing feedback on stuff. I would love to be involved in some way as I think this is perhaps the most important film that will be made this decade.

  8. Dawn Lesley says:

    I am thrilled this movie will be made. We need it so badly! I am an environmental engineer licensed (and living) in Oregon. How can I help?

  9. I have been using The Fifth Sacred Thing as a teaching tool for years showing my students how it takes the willingness to “be in the front lines” peacefully if this world is going to change. I have a vast store of knowledge, material and abilities to contribute in many ways. I am an exceptional writer, create weekly videos for my students, guided meditations, CDs and DVDs. Let me know what you need and we will be able to come up with something to assist.

  10. I currently reside in Sacramento, I have some acting experiance, am a massage therapist, do ceramic sculpture, and just a bit of everything and what I don’t know I can learn. This book helped turn my life around and I would love to be involved however possible.

  11. trinitee says:

    Hi uncle phil how are you? I wish i could come down to see you. School is going fine

  12. Jessica Dawn Flannigan says:

    The Fifth Sacred Thing has been my heartsong novel for many years. I would love to be of help in the making of the film. I do quite well cooking for large groups, with a decade of experience in natural foods catering. I cooked for Starhawk’s crew here in Minneapolis at the RNC a few years back. I live in MN but would love to find a way to be involved, whether cooking or spreading the work of the film around here.

  13. April Larson says:

    I would love to become involved, I’m based in LA.

  14. laurel says:

    I love my poster and stickers, thank you!

  15. Trevor says:

    I would like to help out. I am a ticketed Electrician, Welder/Fabricator. My home is on Vancouver Island, travel to and from production sites would be a welcome addition to my families current structure.

  16. Alison Yahna says:

    Aloha from Artemis Smiles Honeybee Sanctuary in Hawaii. (www.ArtemisSmiles.com) My name is Alsion Yahna and in 1999 I was called by the bees through a shamanic initiation. I was living and teaching high school in Portland Or at the time. The connection with the bees was such that they told me they were getting sick and would be leaving in large numbers and why… and that I should move to Hawaii and create a Sanctuary. They also shared information about the coming shift in consciousness and how they could assist humanity in the process (as they have done for thousands of years!) and took me back in time to experience the ‘melissae’ temples of Demeter and Artemis.
    For the first couple of years after this initiation , when I would tell people about it I was asked over and over ‘Have you read the Fifth Sacred Thing? After I read it I knew why!

    I have been getting the nudge for a while now to contact you and offer my services as a ‘melissa’ consultant and ‘bee wrangler’… and our Sanctuary in the wilds of Ka’u on the Big Island as a possible site for some of the filming of with bees… the Sanctuary is near the ocean and is in a dryland scub/pastoral area…
    If you visit our website you will get an idea of the kind of work we do with the bees and how we are working to restore a loving, mutually beneficial relationship between bees and humans. We are also building a “Temple of the Divine Honeybee” at the Sanctuary, our project just got accepted by kickstarter so there is footage of me working with swarms and so on… look under Honeybee Temple. I
    have no idea if this is anything you would need or be interested in but I have been getting the message to contact you for some time and so I am putting it out there.
    I would love to help in whatever way I can…
    Blessed Bee, Honey in the Heart…

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