This week’s artist feature highlights the work of composer and cellist Rena Jones.  Rena’s skillful blending of acoustic and electronic music is both soothing and uplifting, and we are extremely proud to welcome her to The Fifth Sacred Thing creative family.  Her song “Open Me Slowly” is featured as the opening music in our Kickstarter video, and we are certain you will enjoy exploring and experiencing her graceful, complex music as much as we do!

Rena in the studio - Photo by Glenn Ross

“Literally one of the best experimental artists currently making tracks… Layers and layers of experimental-electronic goodness… focus constantly shifts from leads to bridges to the beat and back around again…using sounds in Ableton Live that many others would have difficulty with, but instead forms an analog/virtual opus.” — Women’s Radio

Jones slips through the veils of defined sound, weaving cello, violin, woodwinds, rhodes, electronics and sound design through unique instrumentation.

Her tracks have been released with several reputable international labels as Iboga, Spun Records, Aleph Zero, Ultimae, 1320 Records, Addictech, Native State Records and she’s celebrating the launch of her new labels Cartesian Binary Recordings and Pok Pok Records.

Two of Jones’ albums have been chosen in the top 25 essential albums of the year on NPR Echoes Radio in 2006 and in 2009.

Multiple tours around North America and Europe have lead Rena to perform at some of the worlds most established cutting edge electronic music festivals; Glade Festival (UK), The Secret Garden Festival (UK), Shambhala Music Festival (Canada) and Lightning in a Bottle, as well as tour support for Plaid and opener for Ladytron and Trentemoller.

Rena Jones - Photo by Glenn Ross

“Multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Rena Jones is a force to be reckoned with. At age 30, she boasts more than 30 collaborative albums, 3 full length solo albums, 20 years of classical violin study, and 12 years of cello–and she is considered one of the leading women in audio engineering today.” — Strings Magazine

Her extensive background in music and sound covers a colorful spectrum from award winning video games “Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution” and for various films as a sound editor, sound design and composition and has nearly a decade of experience as a seasoned studio musician.

”It may be ambient but unlike much of the downtempo music around it’s certainly not background music.”– Total Music Magazine

Here are some great links where you can continue to explore Rena’s music and keep in touch with her many current and ongoing projects:

And here is an article and interview with Rena on the Ambient Visions blog:

And please check out this great interview with Rena Jones on NPR:

And finally, here is an amazing 3D fractal video for “Open Me Slowly” – Produced and designed by phidelity:

Rena Jones – “Open Me Slowly” Produced and designed by phidelity

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