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We are extremely happy to announce the release of The Fifth Sacred Thing as an ebook!  Starting today you can purchase Starhawk’s epic novel in digital form, and several popular formats at many online retail outlets.  Here is a small list of links where the book is currently available:



Powell’s Books

Reader Store

Barnes & Noble


Happy reading!!

5 Responses to The Fifth Sacred Thing eBook now available!

  1. Heathwitch says:

    How wonderful! Will it also be available in the UK for Kindle at some point soon? Blessed be and good luck with the rest of this project! 🙂

  2. Mouse says:

    It should be available right now, worldwide. As far as I know there is only an English language version available. Some of the vendors have separate US and UK sites, you can Google “The Fifth Sacred Thing ebook” and you will get links to both. Thanks for the well wishes!

    • Ginnie says:

      No it is not available here for Kindle which is amazing as Kindle was an American invention. I have also tried to get Starhawke’s other books over here to no avail. When will we see these titles in the U.K. please.
      Disappointed e.reader

      • Mouse says:

        Hi Ginnie,
        Here is a link to the Amazon UK Kindle version:

      • Starhawk says:

        Hi Ginnie–the most infuriating part about it is that many of my books are published by HarperSanFrancisco–which was bought out by Rupert Murdoch some years ago and brought under the corporate umbrella of Harper Collins! So it’s actually owned by a British company, yet they don’t distribute the books in Britain! Unfortunately, as an author I have no control over that aspect of it as the publisher holds the foreign rights. I could rant on about the sorry state of publishing–but here’s a link that Bantam suggests to a variety of sites that have Ebooks available. Fifth should be available in Kindle format as well as others–and thanks for your interest and persistance!

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