Visionary Artist Jessica Perlstein

This week’s Artist Feature spotlights Jessica Perlstein, a visionary artist and painter from the Bay Area who has created many of the beautiful color renderings of a transformed San Francisco circa 2048 for the film. Her vibrant, colorful work has been a fantastic addition to our project, and we are very pleased to give you a chance to explore some more of her art. Thanks for making our dream city come alive, Jessica!


Eco-City 2048 by Jessica Perlstein

Jessica Perlstein was born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California.  She was fortunate to have very supportive and creative parents, who saw her potential at an early age and helped to cultivate her creativity throughout her life.  Art has always been a favorite pastime and means of expression.  In 2002, she decided to pursue a serious career in visual art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, graduating with a BFA in Illustration.  Shortly after graduating, Jessica traveled to the jungles of Peru to broaden her creativity amongst nature and to ground into a better understanding of her path as an artist.  Her experiences led her towards a mindset of becoming more integrated in nature, which became a major source of inspiration for her work.

"Sowing The Fabric Of Reality" by Jessica Perlstein

In 2008, she moved back to San Francisco and became involved with the Burning Man culture.  Her love for music and the thriving underground counterculture of the Bay Area led her to begin painting live on stage at events.  The support of the community rapidly projected her forward, and she began to paint at events and festivals all over California.  Through this experience she discovered the visionary art movement, which really pinpointed the quality of work and positive messages that she wanted to get across to the world.  Truly inspired, she created a body of work that was met with great support by the visionary art community, where she has been thriving and showing work throughout the West Coast, Hawaii and Canada.

In 2010, she began an apprenticeship with Android Jones, who taught her the skills of working with digital media.  Her most recent project, the Seeing Is Believing Tour, involved traveling up the West Coast to Canada and back with Android and a number of other artists to promote the use of digital media to catalyze creativity in others, and to inspire and encourage others to follow their creative dreams.

Jessica is always excited to work on projects that help to create a better outlook on how we can improve our lives and the planet, and seeks to inspire others to take a step forward into creating a positive reality.

Online portfolio and blog:
Seeing Is Believing Tour:

2 Responses to Artist Feature – Jessica Perlstein

  1. Starhawk,
    I’m so pleased to see this beautiful artist and her delicious work will be part of The Fifth Sacred Thing. I love how you are taking such care in weaving the creative force into your project. So thrilling! If you’re ever in need of Art Therapists, there is a healthy group of us in the bay area who would love to be part of your vision. most especially me!

    Big love and gratitude to you,
    Jenn Gildred, MA, ATR

  2. Daniele Frost says:

    Congratulations Jessica, and Starhawk. Everyday I read of more artists and arts at therapist being inspired and bridging together to share in Vision appropriate use of skills and resources and creativity. I’m pleased to know Jessica and be a part of Starhawks larger community. The Fifth Sacred Thing was a literary milestone for me, and my prayer is that the milestones that we walk together in the future sustain the pertinence of the visionary model and do indeed transform the world and ourselves to the interconnected Ecological web that we are, every drawing, every seed, every effort makes the difference.

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