Thanks to you, all of our awesome supporters, we’re over two-thirds funded at the
midpoint of our campaign! I send deep gratitude to all of you who have shown their
faith in this project by donating and by clicking Like on this website. Every single
one of you is helping us to move forward!

I’m a word person, not a numbers person. I did okay in math in school but it was
never my favorite subject. However, this campaign has given me a new appreciation
for the magic of numbers. I’ve noted what a wonderful number ‘60’ is: so divisible!
Divide it by 2,3,4, 5, 6, 10, 12 or 15 and you get an even number as a result! At last
I understand why the Babylonians used 12 instead of 10 as their base—or does
that work the same way? I do know the difference, as a drummer, between those
steady 4 or 8 beat rhythms and the more lilting 3s, 6s and the infinitely complex
12s. I’ve always believed kids should learn to drum before they learn to count—
in fact, I wrote that into the book version of The Fifth Sacred Thing and I hope we
can somehow convey that idea in the movie and website. We didn’t choose ‘60’ for
mystical or historical reasons—we chose it because we originally were going to go
for $100,000—which is closer to what we need, then had a twinge of nerves and
backed it down to 50, which we were pretty sure we could get—and then added on
a bit so we’d have enough to cover all the great awards and bonuses we’ve offered.
Luckily, we hit on a magic number.

1 is the number of unity and wholeness. 2 is the number of duality, 3 is the number
of the Goddess. 4 is the four elements, the four sacred things of earth, air, water and
fire. 5 is the mysterious fifth—the sacred spirit. 6 is the upward and downward
pointing triangles, the union of polarities. 7 the number of visible planets, days
in the week, and directions if you add up, down and center to the cardinal 4. 8 is
the number of sacred points in the solar year. 9 is the number of gestation, 3 x3
makes it especially sacred to the Goddess. 10 is the number of completion, 12 the
months in the solar year and signs in the Zodiac, 13 is the number of lunar months, a
number sacred to the Goddess.

So, here’s how to do Kickstarter numerology—check out the total on our project page.
Add the numbers up and see what you get. Decide if that has personal meaning to
you at the moment. If you don’t like it—you know how to change it!

Blessings and gratitude to you all,

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