Tomorrow marks three weeks into our Kickstarter campaign.  I was hoping we’d hit the halfway mark by then—and then this morning, I woke up to find we were there, and more!  Halfway to our funding point—thanks to all of you who have donated!

I won’t lie—starting a campaign like this is a nail-biting nervous-making endeavor!  I didn’t realize beforehand just what it would feel like.  Not that I’m afraid we’ll fail—at this point, I have so much faith in this great community that’s coming together, I’m sure we’ll succeed.  But—here’s what it feel like—on my birthday, just before the campaign started, I went ice skating, in part, just to prove to myself that I still can!  There’s always that terrible, heart-stopping moment when you have to leave the rail and commit yourself to the ice, to trust your sense of balance and to glide.  That’s what it feels like.  We’ve let go of the rail, and said, ‘Yes, we’re really going to do this.  We’re going to make it happen.”  And now, we’re not only answerable to ourselves and the Gods, but to all of you, thousands of you.  And especially to the more than 500 of you have thrown down some of your own hard-earned cash.  You’ve invested in this vision, and that makes us accountable to you.  Every dollar that comes in strengthens our determination and commitment.    Every one of you who takes a risk on us is a new member of the team.  And so the project has shifted from being my personal, oh-so-secret and private too-good-to-be-true dream, to being something that might, could happen, to now being something that has to happen, because all of you believe in it, too!  And it will!

For those of you who haven’t donated yet, remember we need you as well!  You can jump aboard for as little as a dollar, and it all adds up.   The more active supporters we have, the more we have to bring to the table when we court actors and a director or seek investors.  We want you, too, to be part of this team.

I thank you, and our whole growing Fifth Sacred Thing team thanks you!  We’re gliding now, and even if there are tumbles ahead, it feel exhilarating!  It feels like flying!


(You’ve seen me on the video–here’s Mouse, Paradox and Alli on the day we shot it!)

Production crew atop San Francisco's Bernal Hill

Mouse, Paradox and Alli


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  1. I just stated that just a few days in the past!!!

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