The Black Lives Matter movement has been everywhere on the news recently. As you are probably aware, we at Fifth Sacred stand at the crossroads of activists and artists. The Fifth Sacred Thing features an extremely diverse community, with two leads of color, uncommon from a white author. Our north star Starhawk […]

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SPOILER ALERT:  This is not really a How-To Guide.

I wish it were.  Man, do I wish I could delightedly bullet point a #1-5 list on exactly how to make a viral activist film. I want to tell you that, after a decade of working on conscious projects in Hollywood, I’ve got it all figured […]

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Spring Equinox—Eostar, the festival of the ancient Goddess who gave her name to Easter. The days grow longer—now day and night are in perfect balance. I understand why eggs are such a part of this holiday—not just that they symbolize new life, but now with the longer days the chickens are laying abundantly. I have eggs for breakfast with […]

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Starhawk and I chatted about her fantastic sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing the other day. Here is the transcript of our interview.  If you’re interested to hear it, simply go to my podcast Gungho Eco. The book will be available March 1st through major retailers, such as Amazon here.

Maya:   […]

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The Urban Permaculturist.

On 19 January 2016 By

It was more than a pang of jealousy when Starhawk mentioned her Earth Activism Training course. It was a deep longing to take all those principles, and then easily apply them right away, in my own neighborhood. Starhawk’s E.A.T. course is always incredible, yet somehow mystifying for those of us not yet “living off the […]

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Gungho Eco

On 12 November 2015 By

Happy new moon!

For those of you who love podcasts, I’ve got a treat for you. No, it’s not the missing evidence in Adnan’s case.

I’ve started a new podcast called GungHo Eco. It’s a green table everyman discussion on environmental topics, covering topics such as sustainable community and ecovillages, resource depletion, environmental security […]

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Safe places to settle.

On 25 July 2015 By

Our Fifth Sacred team is all about community.

But when we think about community, the 2015 version is debating where to settle, so that our communities won’t have to relocate due to climate change.  

Thanks to the industrial revolution and short-sighted civilization planning, we are in the midst of a big […]

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When was the last time you put your feet on the earth?

This seems like an easy answer, but when you actually think about it, I bet it’s been some time. I was trained as a massage therapist over 15 years ago, and for years, clients would seek my help for inflammation and chronic illness. I started asking my […]

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